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        National issues

        The outdoor industry’s collective voice has power in Washington, but not just as an economic engine. Even in today’s divisive times, a broad coalition of advocates with a unified message can overcome partisanship to do what’s right for our nation. Timely engagement on issues critical to the health of our industry is not just the right thing to do – it’s a must do.

        Support the Moving Forward Act

        Our industry provides a unique voice when it comes to the Moving Forward Act, we know the long-term benefits of getting children in nature, and the importance of ensuring all American have access to outdoor recreation close to home, plus the many economic benefits as well.

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        Support Lifting Punitive Tariffs on Products Sourced from China

        Outdoor companies have been severely impacted by the punitive tariffs imposed on certain U.S. imports from China. These higher costs and the uncertainty of when or if the punitive tariffs will be removed have hampered innovation, U.S. job growth and new business opportunities for outdoor companies.

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        Support Recreation Not Red-Tape to Increase Access on Our Public Lands

        The Recreation Not Red-Tape Act will streamline the permitting process between land management agencies by adopting a consistent and uniform permitting process for recreation providers such as outfitters and guides that operate on our public lands and waters.

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        Support Veterans’ Recovery Outdoors

        Bi-partisan legislation has been introduced in the House and Senate to identify opportunities for the Department of Veterans Affairs to partner with other federal agencies and nonprofits to support the use of outdoor medical treatments and outdoor recreational therapy for veterans and determine barriers to providing veterans with those opportunities.

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        Support the SOAR Act to improve access to our public lands

        The SOAR Act will direct agencies to eliminate duplicative processes, reduce costs, shorten processing times and simplify environmental review in the process of issuing recreation permits. The bill will also increase the flexibility for outfitters and guides by allowing land management agencies to issue a single, joint permit to alleviate the administrative burden and reduce permit processing time.

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