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        OIA Political Action Committee

        PAC-lockup-blackStarted in 2008, OIAPAC is the non-partisan political action committee of the Outdoor Industry Association.

        As the only national trade association representing the complete spectrum of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retailers and media of the active outdoor recreation industry, OIAPAC provides the best opportunity to help elect federal policymakers who support the outdoor industry’s policies and initiatives.

        The primary objective of OIAPAC is to elect federal candidates, regardless of political affiliation, who currently or will support the outdoor industry’s policy objectives.

        OIAPAC’s priorities include:
        – Endorse policymakers who support the outdoor industry’s policy agenda.
        – Build the next generation of outdoor industry leaders in Congress.
        – Identify key races where OIAPAC’s support can make a difference.

        View the?slate of Congressional candidates OIAPAC endorsed in the 2016 elections.

        In order for OIAPAC to be successful, we need to raise money to elect outdoor industry leaders who will champion our legislative priorities. The first step in this process is to sign a prior approval form that will allow certain executive staff at your company to be solicited for a political donation. In addition, it allows OIAPAC to invite these individuals to OIAPAC events with Members of Congress and receive insider information on the 2018 election cycle and races where OIAPAC can make a difference.

        OIAPAC Prior Approval Form

        OIAPAC may receive voluntary contributions from certain full-time, salaried employees of OIA member companies. OIAPAC must have a member company’s signed authorization before the company’s employees can be solicited for donations. Permission to solicit employees is renewed each year and a company may not authorize more than one trade association PAC to solicit its employees in a calendar year.? Contributions from corporations are not allowed. Contributions to OIAPAC are not tax deductible. All contributions to OIAPAC are voluntary. You may refuse to contribute without reprisal.

        For more information, please contact, OIA’s Government Affairs team.