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        The Outdoor Foundation’s research investigates the depth and effect of Americans’ participation in outdoor recreation.

        Each year, the Outdoor Foundation produces the Outdoor Participation Report – the largest, most comprehensive research report on outdoor recreation participation. The report examines more than 40 outdoor activities in America and provides insights and analysis on geographic and demographic trends, motivations and barriers as well as purchasing behaviors.

        In addition to the signature Outdoor Participation Report, the Outdoor Foundation also teams up with retailers and other organizations to produce reports on individual outdoor activities, like camping and fishing. The reports take a broad look at overall trends in participation, while providing detailed information on important demographics. Some even examine less tangible data, like perceptions and stereotypes.

        With dramatic demographic and lifestyle changes taking place in the U.S. and around the world, understanding these trends is more important than ever – informing and influencing critical outdoor programs, products and public policy decisions.

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