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        Outdoor Industry Business Certificates

        This first of its kind program, brings together OIA’s deep industry knowledge with universities’ world-class faculty to provide high-impact educational opportunities that address critical topics through an outdoor industry lens.

        In collaboration with Utah State University, University of Colorado at Boulder and Western Colorado University, Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) will be offering a suite of continuing education certificates that will launch throughout 2020. The online-based and self-paced, non-credit certificates will focus on OIA’s three pillars areas of public policy, increasing outdoor participation and sustainable business innovation as well as other topics relevant to those working for or looking to work for outdoor industry businesses. The Outdoor Industry Business Certificate (OIBC) program is perfect for outdoor industry professionals looking to further their industry knowledge or for people interested in pursuing a career in the outdoor industry.


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        The University of Colorado Boulder’s Outdoor Industry Business Certificate will focus on environmental policy and stakeholder engagement related to the outdoor industry. Faculty from CU’s Masters of the Environment graduate program – an innovative professional master’s program that produces highly-skilled environmental and sustainability professionals – and the nationally recognized Law School, will teach courses in community & stakeholder engagement, climate change policy, and issues around public lands and natural resources protections. Students can expect to come away from this certificate with a deeper understanding of current public lands issues and controversies; the laws and regulations that guide management of public lands; challenges and opportunities that face the public and private sector as each works to reduce their carbon footprint and prepare for future climate impacts; and, how to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders and to gain community buy-in.

        CU Boulder’s Masters of the Environment

        CU Boulder Law School

        Utah State University’s Outdoor Industry Business Certificate will focus on sustainability in product design and supply chain. Faculty from USU’s cutting-edge Outdoor Product Design & Development Program (OPDD), many with outdoor industry work experience, will teach courses on the circular economy, sustainability marketing, the Higg Index and other sustainability assessment tools and metrics, and sustainable supply chains. Students can expect to come away from this certificate with a better understanding of sustainability practices, tools, and impacts as they apply to the outdoor industry.

        Utah State Outdoor Product Design & Development

        The Western Colorado University Outdoor Industry Business Certificate will focus on responsible business in the outdoor industry. Faculty from Western’s Outdoor Industry MBA program, the first and only outdoor-focused MBA program in the country, will teach courses in Marketing and Brand Strategy, Leadership, Bringing Socially Responsible Products to Market, and Understanding and Integrating Principles of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace. After completing this certificate, students can expect a deeper understanding of how to apply business tools (eg. crowdfunding, co-creation, market analysis, managing upward, etc.) to creating meaningful impact in the industry.

        Western Colorado Outdoor MBA

        The Outdoor Industry Association is committed to developing the next generation of outdoor industry leaders and providing enriching lifelong learning for those who have helped shape the industry from the ground-up. In keeping with this commitment, OIA is partnering with select colleges and universities to provide affordable, accessible online certificate programs created specifically for those seeking, building, or enriching their career path in the outdoor industry.


        • 4, non-credit courses per certificate, each led by experienced university faculty
        • All self-paced, online coursework – participate anytime from anywhere
        • Monthly enrollment – register for classes and start when it’s convenient for you
        • Flexible completion timelines for working professionals – you have up to six months to complete each course
        • No enrollment limits

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        We’re always looking to improve and provide meaningful education for professionals in the outdoor indsutry. Let us know how we’re doing.

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