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        Sustainable Outdoor Brand Houdini Announces Partnership with Johnny’s Selected Seeds

        August 24, 2020

        Media Contact

        JAM Collective
        Julie Atherton
        (415) 244-2585


        The Swedish outdoor apparel brand Houdini Sportswear is collaborating with Johnny’s Selected Seeds in a joint effort to playfully educate their customers on sustainability and circularity. Every order placed on Houdini’s webshop in the month of August will be accompanied by a packet of Johnny’s Seeds, allowing their US customers to grow organic edible crops from the comfort of their home.


        The partnership is rooted in Houdini’s mission to become a regenerative company, regarding resources as something borrowed from the earth, rather than something taken from it. By giving its customers the opportunity to grow their own food, the brand hopes to inspire a lifestyle that requires fewer resources to maintain, while also offering a fun and engaging experience that can be applied to other areas of people’s lives too.?


        Houdini Sportswear made headlines in 2018 with The Houdini Menu, a project in which it composted customers’ worn-out sportswear made of natural fibers and turned them into a fine dining experience, quite literally serving the future of circular design on a silver platter. Through the partnership with Johnny’s, Houdini aims to continue giving its customers a taste of what truly sustainable design can look like, now also in the US market.


        About Houdini Sportswear

        Founded in 1993 by mountaineering guide Lotta Giornofelice,?Houdini has?been specializing in sustainable design made to explore the outdoors for over 25 years. From base layers to shell jackets, 100% of?their?collection is made entirely with recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, or Bluesign? certified fabrics.?Based in Stockholm, Sweden, they design gear?for curious people with big hearts, who love the outdoors and therefore want to help protect it.?


        About Johnny’s Selected Seeds

        For more than 45 years Johnny’s Selected Seeds has been helping families, friends, and communities to feed one another by providing superior seeds, tools, information, and service. Everything they do is focused on helping their customers have a successful growing experience. Johnny’s Selected Seeds has been 100% employee-owned since 2012.?